Papers, Short Notes, Research Grant Reports and Reviews about birds of Cameroon that have appeared in Malimbus and the Bulletin of the Nigerian Ornithologists' Society (Bull NOS)
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Des articles, notes courtes, rapports des bourses de recherche et critiques concernant les oiseaux du Cameroun parus dans Malimbus et le Bulletin of the Nigerian Ornithologists' Society (Bull NOS)
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2018 New records of Fulvous Whistling Duck Dendrocygna bicolor in southern Cameroon by T. Awa II, N.G. Luchuo & S.A. Tamungang Malimbus 40(1): 26-27
2017 First record of Bannerman’s Weaver Ploceus bannermani at Mount Mbam, Cameroon. by A.S. Kamdoum Ngute, T.B. Mayaka & M. Hulme Malimbus 39(1): 28-30
2015 A preliminary study of bird use of fig Ficus species in Amurum Forest Reserve, Nigeria by B.H. Daru, K. Yessoufou, C. Nuttman & J. Abalaka Malimbus 37: 1-15
2014 Miscellaneous records of birds in Togo, including four species new to the country’s list by R.A. Cheke & I. Oliveras Malimbus 36: 58–60
2014 Association with riparian fragments by Yellow-breasted Boubou Laniarius atroflavus indicates need for wider-scale forest matrix conservation by S.T. Osinubi, Y. Vugeh, J.V. Briskie, U. Ottosson, J.A. Brown & H.M. Chapman Malimbus 36: 47-57
2014 Nestling development and post-juvenile moult of the African Swallow-tailed Kite Chelictinia riocourii by W.C. Mullié, S. Cavaillès, J. Komdeur & R. Buij Malimbus 36: 1-12
2014 The Ortolan Bunting Emberiza hortulana wintering in West Africa, and its status as a passage migrant in Mauritania by M. Thoma & M.H.M. Menz Malimbus 36: 13–31
2012 Successful second breeding of Black-headed Heron Ardea melanocephala after persecution by humans in Waza-Logone, Cameroon by P. Scholte & M. Barka   Malimbus 34: 9–16
2012 Additions and corrections to the avifauna of Ebo Forest, Cameroon by F. Dowsett-Lemaire & R.J. Dowsett   Malimbus 34: 102–110
2011 New breeding data on some lowland forest birds in Western Cameroon, and their implications for altitudinal breeding season reversal by S. Sammler  Malimbus 33: 42–54
2010 The avifauna of the Ebo Forest, Cameroon by R.C. Whytock & B.J. Morgan Malimbus 32: 22–32
2008 Some recent records of birds from Gashaka Gumti National Park and Ngel Nyaki, Nigeria, and the Gotel Mountains, Cameroon by R. Wilkinson Malimbus 30: 156164
2008 The first record of Short-eared Owl Asio flammeus in SW Cameroon by J. Riegert, M. Antczak & D. Fainová Malimbus 30: 165–167
2007 The birds of a montane forest mosaic in Big Babanki area, Bamenda Highlands, Cameroon by O. Sedláček, J. Reif, D. Hořák, J. Riegert, M. Pešata & P. Klvaňa Malimbus 29: 89100
2007 Baumann’s Greenbul Phyllastrephus baumanni, new to Cameroon by K.S. Bobo, F.M. Njie, S.E. Mbeng, M. Mühlenberg & M. Waltert Malimbus 29: 130132
2006 Review: Floodplain Rehabilitation and the Future of Conservation and Development.  Adaptive management of success in Waza-Logone, Cameroon.  By P. Scholte, 2005 by A. Tye Malimbus 28: 5354
2006 The birds of Mbam and Djerem National Park, Cameroon by K.S. Bobo, E. Williams, N.D. Anye, M.F. Njie, R.C. Fotso & M. Languy Malimbus 28: 90106
2005 New bird records from Cameroon by M. Languy, K.S. Bobo, F.M. Njie, K.Y. Njabo, J.M. Lapios & R. Demey Malimbus 27112
2005 New bird records for the Korup Project Area, southwest Cameroon by K.S. Bobo, M. Waltert, M. Fichtler & M. Mühlenberg Malimbus 271318
2005 A new record of Grey-necked Picathartes Picathartes oreas in Cameroon by O. Sedlá…k, D. HoÍálk, J. Reif & J. Riegert Malimbus 274446
2004 On sexual dimorphism and vocal behaviour in the Mount Kupe Bush Shrike Malaconotus kupeensis by F. Dowsett-Lemaire Malimbus 26: 32–34
2003 First breeding record of Ovambo Sparrowhawk Accipiter ovampensis in West Africa by M. Mills, R. Hoff & D. Myers Malimbus 25: 104–106
2001 A contribution to the ornithology of Mount Oku forest, Cameroon by R.C. Fotso Malimbus 23: 1–12
2001 The birds of Mount Kupe, southwest Cameroon by C.G.R. Bowden Malimbus 23: 13-44
2001 The Yellow-billed Duck Anas undulata in West Africa by H.G. Young & I. Robertson Malimbus 23: 56–58
2001 Précisions sur la répartition de la Tourterelle de l’Adamaoua Streptopelia hypopyrrha au nord Cameroon par J.-M. Lapios Malimbus 23: 62-65
2001 A new sight record in Cameroon of the distinctive race crossensis of Green-throated Sunbird Nectarinia rubescensby R. Demey  & K.Y. Njabo Malimbus 23: 66–67
2001 La population ouest-africaine du Flamant nain Phoeniconaias minor: effectifs, répartition et isolement par B. Trolliet & M. Fouquet Malimbus 23: 87–92
2001 A commentary on a list of birds collected on the 1841 naval expedition to the Niger River by A.M. Moore Malimbus 23: 93–109
2001 First records of Scarce Swift Schoutedenapus myoptilus and Grass Owl Tyto capensis from Mt Cameroon by R.J. Dowsett & F. Dowsett-Lemaire Malimbus 23: 110–111
2000 Birds of Waza new to Cameroon: corrigenda and addenda by P. Scholte & R.J. Dowsett Malimbus 22: 29–31
2000 Olive-bellied Sunbird Nectarinia chloropygia host to Cassin’s Honeybird Prodotiscus insignis by M. Waltert & K. Faber Malimbus 22: 86
2000 First records of Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula in Cameroon by B.K. Serge, D.A. Ndeh, K.Y. Djabo & L. Nayuoh Malimbus 22: 91–92
1999 The birds of the Waza–Logone area, Far North Province, Cameroon by P. Scholte, S. de Kort & M. van Weerd Malimbus 21: 16–50
1999 CorrigendumMalimbus 20: 126–127 Malimbus 21: 61
1999 First record of Scaly-fronted Warbler Spiloptila clamans in Cameroon by M. van Beirs Malimbus 21: 110
1999 First observations on the territorial song and display of the Kupe Bush Shrike Malaconotus kupeensis by F. Dowsett-Lemaire Malimbus 21: 115–117
1999 Letter: Request for information: ringed Fire-crowned Alethe Alethe diademata by R.J. Dowsett Malimbus 21: 123
1998 The birds of the Parcours Vita, Yaoundé, Cameroon by B. Quantrill & R. Quantrill Malimbus 20: 1–14
1998 First observation on the nest of Purple-headed Starling Lamprotornis purpureiceps by F. Dowsett-Lemaire Malimbus 20: 55–56
1998 Habitat utilisation by the African Grey Parrot Psittacus erithacus in Korup National Patk and environs, Cameroon, WAOS Research Grant report by A.S. Tamungang Malimbus 20: 65–66
1998 Buff-throated Sunbird Nectarinia adelberti and Fire-bellied Woodpecker Dendropicos pyrrhogaster in Cameroon by M. Hopkins Malimbus 20: 124–125
1998 Observation d’une parade collective avec accouplement du Martinet des palmiers Cypsiurus parvulus par A. Sala Malimbus 20: 126–127
1997 Measurements and moult of Ruffs Philomachus pugnax wintering in West Africa by J. Melter & A. Sauvage Malimbus 19: 12–18
1997 Black-billed Barbet Lybius guifsobalito, new to Cameroon and W Africa by M. van Beirs Malimbus 19: 32
1997 L’Aigrette intermédiaire Egretta intermedia au Cameroon par A. Fossé Malimbus 19: 38
1996 Yellow-billed Egret Egretta intermedia on the coast of Cameroon by I. Martínez, V.A. Elliott & G.D. Field Malimbus 18: 58
1996 More bird records from Rio del Rey estuary, Cameroon by A.A. Green Malimbus 18: 112–121
1996 New bird records from Korup National Park and environs, Cameroon by A.A. Green & P.G. Rodewald Malimbus 18: 122–133
1996 Quelques observations ornithologiques dans la région de Garoua, Cameroun par O. Girard & J. Thal Malimbus 18: 142–148
1995 Birds of the Rio del Rey estuary, Cameroon by J. Thomas Malimbus 17: 7–18
1995 First record of Little Gull Larus minutus in Cameroon by B. Quantrill & R. Quantrill Malimbus 17: 103
1995 Recent records of White-naped Pigeon Columba albinucha from Cameroon by E. Williams Malimbus 17: 104–106
1993 Purple Gallinule Porphyrio porphyrio, further sightings in Cameroon by G.R. Manners, P. Burtch, C.G.R. Bowden, E.M. Bowden & E. Williams Malimbus 14: 59
1993 Unusual records from Cameroon by I. Robertson Malimbus 14: 62–63
1993 Horus Swift Apus horus, new to Cameroon by I. Robertson Malimbus 14: 63–64
1993 Review: Report of the Ornithological Expedition to Northern Cameroon, January / February 1991. By OAG Münster, 1991 by A. Tye Malimbus 14: 67
1992 Red-shouldered Cuckoo-Shrike Campephaga phoenicea on Mt Oku, Cameroon by E. Williams Malimbus 14: 15
1992 Grey Phalarope Phalaropus fulicarius in northern Cameroon by R. van Ouwerkerk Malimbus 14: 25
1992 Corrigendum: Malimbus 13: 11–23 Malimbus 14: 26
1991 Birds of the Korup National Park, Cameroon by J. Thomas Malimbus 13: 11–23
1991 Black-necked Grebe Podiceps nigricollis, new to Cameroon by E. Williams Malimbus 13: 40
1991 La Talève poule-sultane Porphyrio porphyrio madagascariensis à Yaoundé, Cameroun par A. Sala Malimbus 13: 78
1990 Notes sur les oiseaux d’eau de la région de Yaoundé par R.C. Fotso Malimbus 12: 25–30
1990 Notes on some birds of western Cameroon by D.T. Holyoak & M.B. Seddon Malimbus 11: 123–127
1988 Contribution à la liste des oiseaux du Parc National de la Benoué Nord, Cameroun par E. Mahé Malimbus 10: 218–221
1987 Passereaux collectés par J. Prévost au Cameroun par M. Louette & J. Prévost Malimbus 9: 83–96
1987 First sight record of the Black-headed Gull for Cameroon, West Africa by C.W. Swarth Malimbus 9: 127–128
1986 The Red-capped Robin-Chat Cossypha natalensis in West Africa by S.N. Stuart & M.E. Gartshore Malimbus 8: 73–76
1984 ICBP Cameroon Montane Forest Survey by S.N. Stuart Malimbus 6: 5–7
1984 Notes on the nesting of two little known species of bee-eaters in Cameroun by M.E. Gartshore Malimbus 6: 95–96
1983 Bird species numbers in Cameroon vegetation districts by M. Louette Malimbus 5: 45–49
1982 The moult of some bird species on Mount Cameroon by R. Eyckerman & D. Cuvelier Malimbus 4: 1–4
1981 Bates’s Weaver Ploceus batesi near Victoria, and other observations from western Cameroun by P.B. Taylor Malimbus 3: 49–50
1979 Kaffir Rail Rallus caerulescens in West Africa by J. Parrott Malimbus 1: 145–146
1979 Birds of the Parc National de la Benoué by A.M. Heaton Malimbus 1: 146–147
1977 Some Birds in Cameroon by M. Kavanagh Bull NOS 13:133-138
1977 Foods of Some Cameroonian Birds by M. Kavanagh Bull NOS 13:145
1977 Harassment of Monkeys by Cameroonian Birds by M. Kavanagh Bull NOS 13:145-146
1976 The Avifauna of Waza National Park by A. Pettet Bull NOS 12:18–24
1974 Bird Notes from the Plains South of Lake Chad, Part 3 by D.A. Holmes (mentions Cameroon) Bull NOS 10: 28-37
1972 Vultures by P.JMundy & A.W. Cook Bull NOS 9: 8-9
1972 Waza, Cameroon - Access and Avifauna  by P.J. Mundy Bull NOS 9: 16-18
1972 Bird Notes from the Plains South of Lake Chad, Part 1 by D.A. Holmes (mentions Cameroon) Bull NOS 9: 47-55
1972 Corrections to the List of Birds seen on Mount Cameroon by L.G. Grimes Bull NOS 9: 58
1972 Bird Notes from the Plains South of Lake Chad, Part 2 by D.A. Holmes (mentions Cameroon) Bull NOS 9: 76-84
1971 Notes on some birds seen at Buea and on Mount Cameroon, 30 Dec. 1970 - Jan. 1971 by L. Grimes Bull NOS 8: 32-34
1971 Additions to the Avifaunas of Waza (Cameroun) and Lake Natu (Sokoto) by J.A. Broadbent Bull NOS 8: 58-61
1971 The distribution of the Red-eyed Turtle Dove Streptopelia semitorquata by L. Grimes Bull NOS 8: 61
1970 Birds in Waza National Park, Cameroun by C.H. Fry Bull NOS 7: 1-6
1970 Bird distribution on West/Central African great rivers at high water by C.H. Fry Bull NOS 7: 7-23
1969 Bird notes from the central Cameroons by R.J. Dowsett Bull NOS 6: 103-105
1967 Possible range extension of the Dusky Flycatcher by D.R. Wells Bull NOS 4: (13) 40
1967 Recoveries of flava wagtails by R.E. Sharland Bull NOS 4: (15) 12
1965 Sexual behaviour of the Hammerkop by H.H. Gray  Bull NOS 2: 82

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