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Papers, Short Notes, Research Grant Reports and Reviews about birds of the Gambia that have appeared in Malimbusand the Bulletin of the Nigerian Ornithologists' Society (Bull NOS)
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Des articles, notes courtes, rapports des bourses de recherche et critiques concernant les oiseaux de Gambie parus dans Malimbus et le Bulletin of the Nigerian Ornithologists' Society (Bull NOS)
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2017 First proof of Sooty Shearwater Puffinus griseus in The Gambia, May 2012 by C.R. Barlow Malimbus 39(2): 56–58
2016 High population density of the Critically Endangered Hooded Vulture Necrosyrtes monachus in Western Region, The Gambia, confirmed by road surveys in 2013 and 2015 by M. Jallow, C.R. Barlow, L. Sanyang, L. Dibba, C. Kendall, M. Bechard & K.L. Bildstein Malimbus 38: 23–28
2016 Observations ornithologiques au Sénégal by J. Rose, A. Virondeau, J.-F. Magne, M.S. Diop, J.C.E.W. Hooijmeijer & C.R. Barlow Malimbus 38: 15–22
2016 Hooded Vultures Necrosyrtes monachus in Fajara, coastal area of The Gambia, between 1978 and 1981 by M. Smalley Malimbus 38: 10–14
2015 Pomarine Skua Stercorarius pomarinus kills Red-billed Quelea Quelea quelea at sea by W.C. Mullié, C.J. Camphuysen & J. Semelin Malimbus 37: 28–30
2015 The first photographic evidence for Great Skua Stercorarius skua in The Gambia, and the occurrence of large Stercorarius species in West Africa by O.J.L. Fox, C.R. Barlow, J. Badgie & L. Sanyang Malimbus 37: 16–25
2014 Observations ornithologiques au Sénégal et en Gambie by M.S. Diop, B.  Mennesson & J. Rose Malimbus 36: 117-119
2014 The Ortolan Bunting Emberiza hortulana wintering in West Africa, and its status as a passage migrant in Mauritania by M. Thoma & M.H.M. Menz Malimbus 36: 13–31
2013 Road counts of Hooded Vultures Necrosyrtes monachus over seven months in and around Banjul, coastal Gambia, in 2005 by C. Barlow & T. Fulford Malimbus 35: 50–56
2012 Eurasian Wigeon Anas penelope, a new species for The Gambia by A. de Baerdemaeker, S.D. Elzerman, N. Venema & M. Colley   Malimbus 34: 120–122
2011 A record of Black-necked Grebe Podiceps nigricollis in The Gambia in 1989 constitutes an addition to the national list by C.R. Barlow & T. Dodman  Malimbus 33: 55–57
2009 Errata: Bird diversity in the Nyassang Forest Park, The Gambia (Malimbus 28: 134-142) Malimbus 31: 61
2007 Bird diversity in Nyassang Forest Park, The Gambia (Malimbus 28: 134-142): corrections and further information by S. Ballantyne Malimbus 29: 45-46
2006 Bird diversity in Nyassang Forest Park, The Gambia by S. Ballantyne Malimbus 28: 134–142
2003 Baillon’s Crake Porzana pusilla, new to The Gambia, with notes on seven other species by J.M.B. King Malimbus 255961
2003 Franklin’s Gull Larus pipixcan in The Gambia by L. van Welie Malimbus 25: 97–99
2001 La population ouest-africaine du Flamant nain Phoeniconaias minor: effectifs, répartition et isolement par B. Trolliet & M. Fouquet Malimbus 2387–92
2000 Adamawa Turtle Dove Streptopelia hypopyrrha in The Gambia, with comparison of its calls in The Gambia and Nigeria by R.B. Payne, C.R. Barlow & T. Wacher Malimbus 22: 37–40
2000 Noteworthy records from Ginal Island, The Gambia by M. King Malimbus 22: 77–85
1999 Réaction du Petit Cossyphe à tête blanche Cossypha niveicapilla au cri d’alarme de l’Ecureuil de Gambie Heliosciurus gambianus par B. Ndao Malimbus 21: 113–114
1998 Review: A Field Guide to the Birds of The Gambia and Senegal. Par C. Barlow, T. Wacher & T. Disley, 1997 par M. Germain Malimbus 20: 61
1997 Red-crested Bustard Eupodotis ruficrista and Adamawa Turtle Dove Streptopelia hypopyrrha, new to The Gambia, and sightings of Great Snipe Gallinago media by N. Borrow Malimbus 19: 36–38
1997 Observation of Savile's Bustard Eupodotis savilei in The Gambia by R.B. Payne, L.L. Payne & C.R. Barlow Malimbus 19: 97–99
1995 Review: A Birdwatchers’ Guide to the Gambia. By R. Ward, 1994 by A. Moore Malimbus 17: 111–112
1994 La sous-espèce du Cochevis modeste Galerida modesta en Sénégambie par C. Erard & G.J. Morel Malimbus 16: 56–57
1994 Letter: Ornithological Societies in The Gambia by D. Murray & B. Snow Malimbus 16: 67
1993 Some new observations of forest birds in The Gambia by T. Wacher Malimbus 15: 24–37
1992 European Crag Martin Ptyonoprogne rupestris in the Gambia by R.M. Jones Malimbus 14: 21–23
1991 The status of larks in The Gambia, including first records of Sun Lark Galerida modesta by R.M. Jones Malimbus 13: 67–73
1991 Reviews: Les Oiseaux de Sénégambie. By G.J. Morel & M.-Y. Morel, 1990 and Birds of the Gambia, 2nd (Revised) Edition. By M.E.J. Gore, 1990 by A. Moore Malimbus 13: 81–83
1990 First Red Kite record for The Gambia by J. Geeson & J. Geeson Malimbus 11: 144
1989 Notes on birds observed in Gambia and Senegal in November 1984 by S. Ericsson Malimbus 11: 88–94
1987 Records of Rock Thrush Monticola saxatilis in The Gambia by J.V. Jensen & J. Kirkeby Malimbus 9: 123–124
1987 Gore replies by M.E.J. Gore Malimbus 9: 124
1984 Levaillant’s Cuckoo Clamator levaillantii fed by Brown Babblers Turdoides plebejus by A. Moore Malimbus 6: 94–95
1983 Données nouvelles sur Monticola solitaria et Monticola saxatilis en Sénégambie par G.J. Morel, C. Monnet & C. Rouchouse Malimbus 5: 1–4
1983 The Marsh Owl Asio capensis: a wet season migrant to The Gambia by M.E. Smalley Malimbus 5: 31–33
1983 Abyssinian Rollers Coracias abyssinica and European Rollers C. garrulus in The Gambia by M.E. Smalley Malimbus 5: 34–36
1983 On nesting of the Lavender Fire-Finch by A. Moore Malimbus 5: 56
1980 Millions of Turtle-Doves by M.E.J. Gore Malimbus 2: 78
1980 Some observations on a brood of Grey Woodpeckers in The Gambia by A. Moore Malimbus 2: 159
1979 La Tourterelle des bois dans l’extrème Ouest-africain par G.J. Morel & M.-Y. Morel Malimbus 1: 66–67
1979 Dowitcher in The Gambia by M.E. Smalley Malimbus 1: 68–69
1979 Cattle Egrets feeding on flies attracted to mangoes by M.E. Smalley Malimbus 1: 114–117
1975 Notice: Checklist of the Birds of Gambia Bull NOS 11: 44
1974 Notice: Gambian Ornithologists' Society Bull NOS 10: 44
1969 Notes on some Palaearctic migrants in The Gambia, Spring 1969 by J.O. Andrew Bull NOS 6: 94-98 
1965 Bird observations on a Liverpool-Lagos voyage by J. Hopson, A.J. Hopson, G. Johnson & J.A. Button Bull NOS 2: 49-51

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